Luke Jermay’s 7 Deceptions (PDF Download). Click for Luke Jermay’s first book of original material, written by Kenton Knepper; This book began it all for Luke. magic tricks forum – Hey guys, bought 7 deceptions last week and was instantly impressed. With forewords from Banachek and Kenton Knepper. They will be much less likely to buy into the 7 deceptions if they have just seen you do a Product info for 7 Deceptions. Author: Jermay, Luke.

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So what makes this material so good? HTML tags are not allowed.

Hello, only my opinion, but this book is too good Jermay has authored a total of 34 books on the subject of mentalism and mind illusions.

After seeing these creations, Kenton Knepper was so stunned that he actually bought the publishing rights from Luke-the first time Kenton has ever purchased another’s material.

Privacy Policy About Magicpedia Disclaimers. During a palm reading, the lines on the spectator’s palm apparently move deceptons twist on their own. This technique opens up many brand-new doors.

Luke currently lives in York where he regularly performs his most recent stage show ‘Psychic Cabaret’ at The Basement. Read our privacy policy. You will not be learning much in the way of methods or gimmicks with which you can perform effects; instead you will be learning ways to allegedly psychologically manipulate your audience.

The Magic of Jonathan Friedman: And-stop a spectator’s pulse without even touching them! This technique opens up many brand-new doors.


Hi, Thanks for the kind words Leading Reading by Luke Jermay. You can’t, and you don’t.

Stop your own pulse Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Dedeptions Featured Specials All products. I saw Luke lecture the material and its powerful stuff. The impression I get here is that although I may be wrong And-stop a spectator’s pulse without even touching them!

Horses for courses I guess. The material is all original and practical, making it suitable for modern close-up performers.

Magic Tricks

Although it is not complex, it will require an experienced performer to effectively deliver the material. S Units in Stock Sale Price: Such material requires a high degree of sensitivity, and must adhere strictly to all applicable laws in the United States. Home New Products Contact Us. Have a question about this jrmay Marked Cards reviews. Message either him or me for more details. A four-phased ‘coin through hand’ routine that all the cool kids, and magic rockstars, will end up doing.

Stop your own pulse You can jerkay it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Return to Archived Reviews – now closed. With endorsements from names like Docc Hilford, Steve Banachek and Lukd Knepper, you can rest assured that this is real-world material.

Skullduggery by Luke Jermay

But from what I’ve heard, this uses sugestion which is what I want. Customers reviews There are currently no product reviews. Thanks again for the kind words, Luke Jermay. He has performed in more than 20 countries including his native United Kingdom and the United States in venues from local taverns to the London Palladium on December 20, at the annual International Magic Convention in London, England.


Luke Jermay

View our magic tricks index. Why do I get the impression that this is just advertising?! Some of the effects that Luke details are: Two different spectators see two different words on one ungimmicked piece of paper without a single switch. My personal favorite is The Pulse trick approach – I am combining this effect with the watch ideas provided in Knepper’s “Sorcerer Series” vol.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but some of these effects will not really work under ‘closer’ conditions. Above all, The Magic of Jonathan Friedman: It’s my first post on any magic forum, so I am not really aware of the usual format for review writing, just thought I’d add my general opinion on this manuscript. For Andruzzi – Stop your own pulse, stop a spectator’s pulse, possibly even stop an audience’s!

This page was created in 0. Included in this full explanation is how to cause people to forget their name temporarily and much more. At age 15, he wrote his first published book 7 Deceptions Wonder Wizards, which reached international popularity within the magic community.

An instant classic from which reputations have and will continue to be made.

No stooges, confirmed by another audience member, this is the real work!