Al-Ibriz. Sayings of Sayyid Sh. ´Abd al-‘Aziz al-Dabbagh al-Hasani Written down by Sh. Ahmad ibn al-Mubarak al-Lamati. English: View PDF | Download (56 MB). Results 1 – 11 of 11 al-?ahab al-ibriz (4e quart) MU?AMMAD IBN SA?ID and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. : Pure Gold from the Words of Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh: Al- Dhabab al-Ibriz min Kalam Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh (Basic Texts of.

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Then he set to work with happiness, delight and eagerness of soul.

P and after, Ad-Dabagh gives same explanation of Bralwiyah that the Prophet saw knew reality of palm trees while all scholars say the Prophet saw did not know this matter of the Duniya:. It imitates you in everything that comes forth from you. If we were to divulge what we heard on this subject from the Shaykh—God be pleased with him—it would be a miracle for those who seek and a mainstay for people with longing.

Now if ibroz body was tempted and distracted la God—He is mighty and glorious—by things like almonds, raisins and chick peas, not to mention dirhems and dinars and women and children, how would he not be tempted after illumination by beholding the translunar and the sublunar world and by satans assisting him in whatever he wishes?

The shaykh then had a ram brought to his retreat and slaughtered it. Indeed, the angel comes down to her with a command, though she was no prophetess—as previously stated. And is it true what the Sufi masters say—God be pleased with them- about God speaking to them?

Then he asked him for the secret God had distinguished him with.

Al ibriz pure gold pdf

One day ibrizz wanted to put them to the test and test them he did. If you start laughing, it laughs and if you undertake motion, it moves. After all, they behold the wish of God the Sublime by means of their deeper vision. As for the said animals, sometimes the one army takes on their form and sometimes the other army takes on their form- in ibruz to carry out a divine decree. He went off and, having fetched some water, he started to heat it so the shaykh could perform his ritual ablutions with it.


He fell at his ibria and, kissing them, he exclaimed: Then something comes over it. They then seek help from the angels and the Jinn in the matters their bodies are unable to reach. When he exhaled, an aroma of cloves came forth with his noble breath.

Praise be to God! For whomever something other than this appears let him seek the cause with himself.

The shameful Sufi book “Al-Ibriz” gathering sayings of Ad-Dabbagh | Umm-Ul-Qura Publications

This was because of his mercy and because of what God had ordered him about associating with them in a friendly manner. None the less, redeem me from this mountain trail and fulfill your promise to me. Shameful stories of Ad-Dabbagh witnessing relation of husband and wife and others P of English translation: So come into the retreat with me, my son—God bestow success on you!

One day they disagreed about something. He said- God be pleased with him: In reality this is due to the action of the owner of the field, not to the action of the effigy. And the body of the spirit is light, not heavy, and transparent, not dense.

Then I began to perceive this same aroma when I was at home during the night. If the love returns, the secrets return. He replied- God be pleased wit h him: And he hears it without letters, sound and perceiving it with particular qualities.


The Shaykh described her to me in a way I later found to be true. The disciple is like a pregnant woman who carries her child.

Ahmed Sijilmasi

Musa aley salam was not aware of what Al-Khidr did, Sulayman was not aware of what Hud Hud had seen, Ibrahim did not knew some of his unknown guests were angels, and so on…. Through its longing the body obtains life.

And this is not Allah showing some matters in dreams or by Karamat, here Ad-Dabbag is speaking about the capacity of seeing ibrix, meaning the some Awliya have capacity to ibrz it whenever they wish, so nothing remains hidden from them among matters of Ghayb Unseen.

But he emphatically rejected their view. Thereafter the matter of the aroma persisted with us for a long time, lasting for several days. He knocked at the door and a [female] servant came out who said: One day I was with him outside the Bab al-Futuh and he began to name for me the great among the godly men- and this despite his being formally unschooled. From the one vein arises lying, from another arises pride, kbriz another arises hypocrisy and from another love of the world.

Yet the Murid understood the order to kill his father and not the zani, so he agreed to oppose the SHARIAH without any objection, and this is what these sufis teach: Dabbagh here claims that Nur Muhammadi is in him, since for Sufis the world works with ibrz emanation faydh of Nur Muhammadi.