Exc. AMS-DTL/5*, Class 1, 2;. UL All-Tubing. AMS & ; UL File. Flame Test (except clear). E; CSA LR; ABS. +1, –10 Cable organizer provides AMS-DTL/12 military specifications for a more educated PTFE shrink tubing purchase. SAE-AMS-DTL/C-S, , 3, 2, Clear, Polyolefin Extruded, to SAE-AMS-DTL/S, , , 1, Black, Polyolefin Extruded.

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The cookies we want to set are for analytics purposes only. However, black heat-shrink tubing will typically work well with any color theme. The Halfords Assorted Heat Shrink Tubing HBB contains a dyl of short heat shrink tubing pieces, ideal for insulating bare wires and connections.


All of these materials are used in medical device manufacturing. Don’t shrink it down too tight or deep.

With an electric heat gun equipped, shrink tubing is as easy as shrink wrapping. Simply requiring a slight amount of heat for it to shrink down to size, this is an extremely easy to use material and can be mastered in almost no time at all.

Excludes items not having rated electrical characteristics. Clearly, there are a great many uses for heat shrink tubing but how does one choose the right type for the particular application?

Ideal applications include cable harnessing, wiring closets, station wiring, fiber optic cabling, aerospace and automotive end uses. We’ll see how it goes. Heat shrink tubing is a kind of tubing that the diameter shrinks if it is heated. Please check out our Heat Shrink Printing Guide for instructions on how to make your next Printed Heatshrink job turn out great!

Please select an existing parts list.

You agree that the Information as provided here through an intermediary may not be error-free, accurate or up-to-date and that it is not advice. Customizable, Protective Heat-Shrink Material. This polyolefin heatshrink tubing as perfectly 2303 with precision automatic machinery for insulating solder cups on D-Sub connectors as well as many other uses. These tell us things such as how visitors get to our site, amz pages on our site were looked at, and how long people stay for.


Tubes can be amz as desired. Heat shrink tubing is a flexible, pre-stretched tube, made from a wide range of polymers, 20353 will shrink to a fixed diameter when sufficient heat is applied. Examples of other uses include keeping dirt and debris away from splices and inline components.

The Heat Gun Handbook is designed to provide a basic insight into the virtually unlimited uses of heat guns. Uses of Heat shrink Neoprene Tubing: Use heat shrink to group LEDs and other components together, cover up messy soldering and much more. Some of the materials it may be made from include thermoplastic polymers like polyolefin, polyvinyl chloride or PVC, polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE, or fluorinated ethylene propylene.

To accompany the heat shrink tubing, the heat torch is a very useful item that stops the damage to insulation that other methods involve. Find out all of the information about the Vital Parts ltd product: Heat Shrink Tubing Heat shrink tubing can be used for many different applications.

Heat Shrink Tubing – Expanded PTFE

For instance, in order to cover, insulate, protect, and label the wires around the office and home, you should wrap the flexible tubing material around the wires and heat the material. As a leader in medical heat shrink tubing, we have many products to suit different Heat Shrink Tubing Pack 95 Piece is rated 4.

  DSE 5320 PDF

Clear PVC shrink wrap is by far the most common, but colored shrink wrap is used in a variety of industries to help products stand out on shelves.

Because heat shrink tubing comes in a variety of colors its ideal for color coding messy groups of network cables. Actual shrink temperatures may be higher or lower depending on the design and dimensions of the heat shrink, application techniques and other factors. Now, it’s your turn. Heat shrink tubes can be used within a wide range of temperature and are used by the military and even aerospace technology.

Heat Shrink plastic tubing is expanded, extruded plastic sleeving that is designed to contract when heated.

Siegrist-Orel – SAE-AMS-DTL/4 CL 1

Online Comparison, quotation and inquiry. When heat is applied to the tubing, it shrinks in diameter and length causing the tubing to tightly wrap around the inserted wire s. A common product that uses heat shrink tubing is candles. While some of the applications and many of the specific uses discussed in this article are only possible with polyester heat-shrink tubing, other heat-shrink tubing materials are available including polyolefin, fluoropolymers, and PVC.

Using heat shrink tubing for labeling is a smart alternative to labeling with adhesive tape due to the protective nature of the tubing itself. Heat shrink tubing is a shrinkable plastic sleeving that activates when heated.

The heat shrink temperatures listed here are general guidelines. HUG-Pis an irradiated, thermally stable, modified polyolefin base product. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering.