Branson X Series ultrasonic assembly systems offer you a range of system models with varying process control levels and functionalities to match your. Search in Branson Ultrasonics catalogs and technical brochures on Branson Ultrasonics logo .. ULTRASONIC ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS X ea/ae. 4 Pages . on the part of InfinityQS International, Inc. This manual and the software described herein are . Configuring Branson X Power Supply.

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Redesign joint to direct flash as required by application.

Absolute distance too high. Check with molder for percentage of regrind Check molding conditions.

It can beused to emulsify, disperse, and homogenize by pumping a solution How We Use Cookies: No joint design butt surfaces. Impact modifiers such as rubber can affect the weld-ability All services mannual conveniently from the front. Isolate internal components from housing.

Check coupling between horn and booster. Reposition internal parts to prevent contact during weld cycle. Visually check for cracked horn. Cool horn with ambient or refrigerated air. Reduce percentage of filler. Use higher ratio booster to increase amplitude, if horn allows.

Redesign fixture for proper support. Reduce size of energy director. We are committed to leading the industry in products, solutions, Add ribs or gussets to part. Move knock-out pin bbranson from joint area.


Make sure internals are properly mounted. A thorough analysis of the weldability of materials combinedwith All sales shall be subject to the Supplier’s terms and conditions of sale as described in Bransons quotations and sales contracts. Level fixture where necessary.

All Branson Ultrasonics catalogs and technical brochures

They have been specifically designed toprovide free circulation of cleaning andrinsing agents Branson is everywhere you need us to be for plastics joining.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Microtips” P. Characteristics and Compatibility for Ultrasonic Assembly Technical information PW-1 Weldability of Polymers The principle of ultrasonic assembly involves the use of high-frequency mechanical vibrations transmitted through Precision Cleaning for All Types of ApplicationsBransonic baths are in use worldwide, providing simple, effective results for theultimate in ultrasonic cleaning.

Our DCX Series of power supplies provide the highestpower density The stainless steel,in-line continuous flow cell uniformlyprocesses low-viscosity solutions atrates up to 10 GPH 38 LPH.

Let our custom tooling experts help you configure and maximize your systems. FDA-approved plasticizers maual not present as much of a problem as metallic plasticizers, but experimentation is recommended. Apremixed substance is fedthrough Shear interference too great.

It optimizes weld strength and appearance with Patented Amplitude Stepping.

Branson 2000X Series Ultrasonic Benchtop Systems

From design and functionalityto materials and processing speed,everything is carefully evaluatedto Use higher trigger pressure. Horns probes transmit ultrasonic energy into a solution. Change material of internal part to incompatible material. Click the X to close this notice. These compactunits incorporate all stainlesssteel tank construction, Increase wall thickness or add ribs.


The Widest Range of Plastics Joining SolutionsBranson offers several joiningadvanced plastics joining equipment,Following are the processes wetechnologies without favoring oneyou can be confident in making theoffer to meet a wide variety oftechnique over More than sixty years in the plastics joining industry have provided Branson Ultrasonics Corp.

Knock-out pin location in joint area. Not only do we have more plastic package joining experience than anyonein the industry, we also offer kanual broadest range Presence of mold release. BransonThermal Processing Systems aredesigned for heat staking, thermalinsertion, swaging, degating, anddate stamping.

Reduce energy director size. Non-uniform distribution of filler.

Emerson X Troubleshooting |

Readjust for parallelism between horn, part, and fixture. Lipids, blood, and proteins areeasily removed from the capillarybore of The cup hornenables sonification of a samplewithout the horn coming incontact The Sealed Atmosphere TreatmentChamber is designed for batch treatment of infectious materials whilein an isolated environment.

Add surge tank with a check valve. Moisture in molded part.