Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth Chris Ware pp, Jonathan Cape, £ What kind of man walks out on his own child? Weak?. Jimmy Corrigan, the protagonist of cartoonist Chris Ware’s epic monument to communication breakdown and the mundane surrealism of. Ware’s graphically inventive, wonderfully realized novel-in-comics follows the sad fortunes of four generations of phlegmatic, defeated men while touching on.

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Mister Wonderful Daniel Clowes. And in the case of ones such as Louis Riel, Berlin, or Maus, I get a little bit of education without trudging through a page history book.

Jimmy Corrigan – The Smartest Kid on Earth : Chris Ware :

This book is so going to Oxfam, as fast as its little feet will carry it. The story of Jimmy Corrigan is a sad one. The impressive thing is most of the melancholy doesn’t stem from overwrought, dramatic events but rather the eerily believable facets of Jimmy’s life.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Jan 25, Robert Beveridge rated it did not like it Shelves: Yes, you need to stop, absorb, and constantly make sure you’re grasping the story line and the various symbols, but the thinking is part of the process, and was absolutely worth it.

And while this subject matter gets mined to death, it works here. There’s the always Mondrian-like exquisitely drawn lines of buildings and furniture, and the repetition of things like broken legs and sniffing and sad faces, year after generation, all bespeaking order.


I can not say enough great things about Jimmy Corrigan. An improvisatory romance which gingerly deports itself between ‘s Chicago and ‘s kiv town Michigan, the reader is helped along by thousands of colored illustrations and diagrams, which, when read rapidly in sequence, provide a convincing illusion of life and movement.

Jun 23, Anne rated it it was amazing. But by the time we know him as an adult, we have met him as a child and it’s impossible to despise him. Highly recommended, a classic, One of the greats as a kind of pair with Building Stories; that one deals with also sad women instead of men. Flipping through the magnificent panels, amazed by the beauty of each page, you corrigsn in awe at the visual marvels while at the same time you literally cannot wait for this guy to shut the hell up.

The content of Jimmy Corrigan is not the only thing that marks the text as highly postmodern in nature.

Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth

Pantheon Books released the book in following its serialization in the newspaper Newcity and Ware’s Acme Novelty Library series. Because every time I put it down, I felt no desire to pick it up again; I forced my way through the last two hundred pages.

Dec 27, Geoff Sebesta rated it it was amazing. Maybe I will be writing about again in 15 years. Black Hole Charles Burns.

Review: Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware | Books | The Guardian

Understanding Jack Kirby’s Dense and beautiful, this book makes you work for the heart breaking ending. The main character is a bland two-dimensional simpleton who has a depressing life.

Ware, wanting to annul himself, trusts himself too little to give us such a vision. This narrative section also reveals that Amy is not only the adopted daughter of Jimmy’s father but a blood relation warre from Jimmy’s great-grandfather’s relationship with his African-American maid.


At the same time, the reader learns of a more complicated backstory to that diverse family blood, and not just adoption, link Amy to her half brother.

This is silly and mawkish, if I may say as a child of the class and the ethnos specified. One day James and his father visit the Chicago Mid Fair, climbing to an observation platform above one of the great halls.

A few pages in, we see Jimmy as an older, insecure, socially inept man. For everyone else, steer well clear. Cosa hanno in comune tutti questi padri?

While so many similar projects are little more than strings of striking images, Jimmy Corrigzn forces you to pause, flick back a few pages and read again, rewarding you with another insight, another overdue connection. This time it was nowhere near as bad.

Jimmy Corrigan – The Smartest Kid on Earth

It read well as a book, in the version I read. He employs repeated frames of seemingly insignificant details, such as a bird moving along a tree branch. The work is framed by insightful jkmmy snarky and hilarious notes about comics and literature written as if they might in part be addressed to a decades ago audience, but they are appropriate for today.