July 22, M Insulation Analyzer User Guide Doble Engineering Company 85 Walnut Street Watertown, Massachusetts (USA) PN. Doble M User Guide. July 6, | Author: Pablo Toro Lopez | Category: Computer Keyboard, Frequency Modulation, Electromagnetic Interference. GMT Doble Test. Procedures – Richmond. Community College -. Doble M User Guide. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed.

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Access to the external keyboard connector is to the right of the video connector behind the access door on the left hand side of the Mc Controller.

The measured test results of each test are combined and averaged to give a 60 Hz equivalent test result. July 22, 4. In addition, the control processor can vote to disable the dc supply to the safety relay coils, thereby disabling the soble output if certain conditions are not met.

Introduction The M Insulation Analyzer is used to determine the insulation quality of high-voltage power apparatus in the field. De-selecting an item from mahual menu will remove the icon bar from your screen. A consistent and uniform set of signals, both visual and verbal, should be agreed upon, and should be followed by all of the crew members during testing.

Furthermore, the High Usee Test Cable and Safety Switch extension must always be disconnected from the Transformer case during internal measurement and inspection.

Atec Doble-M User Manual | 2 pages

In the pop-up window, select whether you want a Maanual or a Trend. Circuit Description — the abbreviation in this column defines the test circuit used when performing a test on a line of the Clipboard Form.


Remove the screws Figure 4. Doble recommends that at least two persons be used to move the M in the field. Then, lift off the cover.

Doble M4100 Insulation Analyzer User Guide

You cannot enter or change results in this column. Once you have pressed F5 to save the reversal results, the line s that contain both Normal and Reversal data will be check-marked in the CR column.

This file summarizes information on test aborts and test failures. If it was, and you want to change these settings, you will have to re-install the software and de-select that option.

The two should not be forced together, making contact with each other, at any point. The following precautions significantly reduce the possibility of damaging a board through electrostatic discharge ESD: In this meeting, the tests to be performed, the apparatus and the voltage test levels involved, potential j4000 involved with the work, and the individual assignments should all be reviewed with the crew members.

Doble M Insulation Analyzer User Guide

Attempts to disconnect leads while the M is energized may result in a serious, and possibly lethal, electrical shock. Position the M Instrument on the Dobls Transport as shown in the above picture.

Finally, you will be asked which languages you wish to have installed on the computer.

F M Insulation Analyzer User Guide Instrument Transformers In addition to isolating and grounding live terminal s of the primary winding, secondary fuses and other leads should be removed in order to completely and effectively isolate the unit from the system.

The M Insulation Analyzer is ready to be connected to the specimen to be tested. Avoiding Problems The M test set dlble rugged and can give many years of trouble-free service if it is handled with reasonable care. Data entry is now more intuitive. Due to the relatively close spacing of the cell plates, an internal flashover will likely occur around 7 or 8 kV when the cell is dry.


The consequences of continued testing in the uncorrected state are: The user is only limited by the size of the variac provided. If this box is checked, more than one set of test data can be active and displayed at once. In some types of apparatus, such as live-tank breakers or three-winding transformers, both red and blue leads are generally used. If any insulation resistance is less, replace the Soble Voltage Test Cable. It provides a generic form for testing any apparatus.

Amnual 3 is connected to the center conductor of the lead to which a clip is attached at the outboard end. Do not interrupt this process. Disconnect it from the M and the specimen.

The line frequency will be measured and recorded. A new graphing function allows test results to be graphed.

Atec Doble-M4100 User Manual

Click on the OK button to accept the selections. View the air temperature and percent humidity associated with each line of test data. This means disconnecting and grounding all bus from the apparatus under test. Enables the audible warning feature that signals manuql beginning of each test recommended. This selection is desirable when performing tests using a resonator or exciting current tests on a transformer.