Combining history, sociology, and political commentary, Sarmiento explores the Facundo, Or, Civilization and Barbarism Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. A classic work of Latin American literature, Domingo Sarmiento’s Facundo has become an integral part of the history, politics, and culture of Latin America since . opposing values of Civilization and Barbarism. It was suggested that 1 Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Facundo: Civilización y barbarie, El Libro de. Bolsillo.

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By setting France against Argentina—representing civilization and barbarism respectively—Sarmiento contrasts culture and savagery:. Conventions to Reform Constitution Debates of Congress. Sxrmiento Facundo is a study of the Argentine character, a prescription for the modernization of Latin America, and a protest against the tyranny of the government of Juan Manuel de Rosas — To this end, he founded Argentina’s military and naval colleges.

By the end ofthe legislature had appointed Rosas as governor of Buenos Aires. He built his reputation and won his comrades’ respect through his fierce battlefield performances, but hated and tried to destroy those who differed from him by being civilized and well-educated.

Facundo – Wikipedia

More recently, Kathleen Ross has undertaken a modern and complete translation, published in by the University of California Press. Chapters not individually listed. This work is a translation and has a separate copyright status to the applicable copyright protections of the original content.


Partially xnd into English when it was first published, this foundational text appears here for the first time in its entirety.

Facundo: or Civilization and Barbarism

Tristemente, hay enormes cantidades de personas con altos honores educativos, que ni siquiera saben o han escuchado de este libro.

Ostensibly a biography barnarism the gaucho barbarian Juan Facundo Quiroga, Facundo is also a complex, passionate work of history, sociology, and political commentary, and Latin America’s most important essay of the nineteenth century.

Reasoning with an Ignorant Tyrant. Barcala, however, is unique in being all three, and has Sarmiento’s and my unqualified admiration.

El titulo, cicilizacion y barbarie, da cuenta de esa tension claramente. Sarmiento’s book is a critique and also a symptom of Argentina’s cultural conflicts. Effects of Freedom of Thought. Made Governor of San Juan. Rout of La Madrid’s Army. He also expresses and analyzes his own opinion and chronicles some historic events. Political and Moral Influence. On one side were the gaucho ca There are relative few works of politics and history that can be regarded as great literature.

American critic Doris Sommer sees a connection between Facundo’ s ideology and Sarmiento’s readings of Fenimore Cooper. Society at War Chapter XI.

A series of governors were installed and replaced beginning in with the appointment of Federalist Manuel Dorrego as the governor of Buenos Aires.

Aldao Captain under San Martin. Through his discussion of Argentina’s geography, Sarmiento demonstrates Buenos Aires’ advantages; the river systems were communications arteries which, by enabling trade, helped the city to achieve civilization.


Sep 12, Philip Lane rated it it was ok. The social results of the French blockade, however, had been fruitful for the Argentine Republic, and served to demonstrate in all their nakedness the current state of mind and the new elements of struggle, which were to ignite a fierce war that can end only with the fall of that monstrous government. Sarmiento summarizes the book’s message in the phrase “That is the point: Caudillos like Facundo Quiroga are seen, at the beginning of the book, as the antithesis of education, high culture, and civil stability; barbarism was like a never ending litany of social ills.

Consequences of Facundo’s Government. Read, highlight, sarmienyo take anf, across web, tablet, and phone.

Facundo begins with a geographical description of Argentina, from the Andes in the west to the eastern Atlantic coast, where two main river systems converge at the boundary between Argentina and Uruguay.

Civilization and Barbarism tells of the civil war that erupted soon after Argentina declared and won its independence from Spain.