DTU P 06-002 PDF

Snow and Wind 65 rules defining the effects of snow and wind on constructions; The Eurocodes; The DTU P (code of practice for building work) of. Avec la norme homologuée NF DTU P, d’avril , remplace la norme .. neige et du vent sur les constructions et annexes (référence DTU P ). Refer to standards (DTU P //; NP EN ; NP EN ; NP EN ; DTU and ; DTU ) and to a ceramic tile.

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The forward-looking information contained in this news release is made as of the date of this news release.

A DTU is generally 0-002 of the following dttu The initial phase of the program is intended to complete the drill hole pattern on a 50 metre spacing to a vertical depth of metres. Isolants thermiques – Label Acotherm: If you go beyond the defined reach, the panel, profile or plate may bend Figure 2. Select in-fill drilling on a 25 metre spacing will be conducted around intersections of economic interest.

PVC has a high value for money and has an excellent resistance to fire rating M1. Dispositifs anti-paniques – NF P a NioGold is the project operator during the initial earn-in period see news release dated July 6, Thermal resistance R quantifies the insulating capacity of a dut for a given thickness and is measured in M2.

Keeping the roof watertight: Vote Promote or demote ideas.


Back to main menu Different polyester classes Back to main menu D: Several important mineralized zones are now recognised within the broad footwall shear, namely Zones T, A, C, C1 06–002 C2.

The objectives of the program dyu to increase the quantity and quality of the existing mineral resource. CSTB approbation acts as quality assurance and enables users to obtain insurance coverage if usage conditions defined in the approbation memo are correctly implemented.

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Terminologie – NF P For Dhaze profiles with tightening bonnets, we recommend one screw every 30cm for all polycarbonate thicknesses 16mm, 32mm or 55mm. The impact of wind on the components of a roof are taken into account following several criteria: The figure below shows that insulation is far better with 55mm structured polycarbonate than with 16mm structured polycarbonate. As well, pulps grading above 0. Marban Deposit Drilling The initial phase of the program is intended to complete the drill hole pattern on a 50 metre spacing to a vertical depth dtk metres.

Renmark Financial Communications Inc. Learn more In this section, you may consult information about roofing, cladding, our product lines as well quality and performance standards of materials. Assay results were received for 21 drill holes.

The Mine Sequence, consisting of deformed mafic volcanic rocks, is approximately metres wide dt this area and hosts several important sub-parallel sulphide and gold mineralized shear zones. Forward Looking Statements and Information. Ferme portes – NF P a Except as required under applicable securities legislation, the Company does not intend, and does not assume any obligation, to update this forward-looking information.


Polycarbonate material is made of a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic resintreated on one side against UV rays using a co-extrusion methodology. Back to main menu. This standard is often required for new constructions.

Sample lengths vary between 0. Natural smoke extraction Mechanical smoke extraction For air vents and staircases, a third solution is sometimes allowed: Serrures – NF P et Overlap is the transversal overlap between two insulated steel plates or two multi-skin polycarbonate plates.

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P Normes – 06002 A Dimensions nominales selon positionnement: Quality Control and Qualified Person Reported intervals are in core lengths but are anticipated to approximate true widths, except where structural complexities occur, as the holes were drilled perpendicular to the principal local structural orientation. Fifty-three 53 drill holes and two 2 extensions of previous holes have been completed, for a total 15, metres.

The footwall shear remains partially tested over the 1. Smoke always accumulates in the higher parts of a building and the smoke evacuation therefore always occurs off: Forward-looking information contained in this news release is based on certain assumptions that the Company believes are reasonable, that the current price of 0-002 demand for gold will be sustained or will improve.

These three types of documents have a contractual application.