15″ Woofer, W, 97dB, 41Hz. Import in WinISD and Hornresp. Find similar speaker drivers. Eminence Alpha speaker for open baffle, sealed and ported speaker cabinets. The Eminence Alpha 15A is a 15 inch 8 ohm speaker that works nice as a. Overview. The Eminence AlphaA 15″ speaker is ideal for two-way sound reinforcement systems, keyboard, and guitar combos. For all bass applications.

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All defective returns are evaluated upon receipt. I am running these with my old Eico HF I’ll be posting drawings shortly, but I have a couple questions I’m hoping you guys can help with. We will file a Damage Inspection Claim which results in a carrier follow-up to inspect your package.

Eminence ALPHAA – 15″ Woofer

View more great items. This is, of course, not an optimal way to listen to a speaker, but will give you the opportunity to identify major response problems or poor tonal characteristics prior to mounting.

Orders placed after 4: Most orders ship the same day when received before 4: The woofer connector terminals are lightweight and do not seem well suited to repeated and heavy use with spade connectors.

Created 27 February I built some almost identical Visaton B and 2x Eminence Alpha 15A. The official Eminence AlphaA datasheet is in the links below. Insure the package for the value of the product. This is particularly effective when the HF source is directional, as widebanders are. Also, have you considered U-Frames?

For all bass applications. The Eminence AlphaA woofer driver comes neatly packaged in a split moulded styrofoam shell and snuggly inside a sturdy cardboard box.


I do not own them any more however No purchase order or verbal advice shall alter this.

Project 9 : Eminence Alpha 15A Experimental Open Baffle Design

Inspect your shipment thoroughly upon delivery and report any damage or errors within 5 days of receipt of package. It can help reduce the distraction form awkward hard-panned recordings. Some products are warranted through the manufacturer and may require return shipment, postage paid, directly to the manufacturer.

MJK has a few suggestions relating to the quarter-wave — i’ll probably just start by mocking up a few sidewalls on the baffle i have up in my living room now I was running mine active. The weight of the small ferrite magnet is noted as g 25 oz. Since you’re talking about modifying, then with the round frames of all drivers in yours, have you considered flush mounting them? I plan to use an analog xo and maybe play around with a digital one in the future. Eminence AlphaA – 15″ Woofer.

I was wondering what type of material you made your baffle out of? If you use eCheck as your funding source, please understand eChecks are processed like a personal check and will take 3 to 5 business days to clear your bank account. We will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damage due to defective or improper use of products.

Eminence Alpha-15A – 15″ Woofer

Highlights Kapton coil former Polyamide-imide coated copper voice coil Ferrite magnet. Cool setup eminehce have there. We may require images of product damages, manufacturer box, outer shipping carton, and shipping label.

That would keep the front nice and clean. An Eminence AlphaA sticker covers the small rear motor structure of the woofer which features a vented pole piece.


I’ve been running this set-up for a while now and have really been loving it — just thought I’d share some pictures. A friend eminsnce help hold the speaker in place while you listen to the new speaker.

Eminence AlphaA 15″ Driver. Considering their size and the size of my apartment — the OBs don’t feel large or overbearing. Please contact us with the “Ask a Question” link at the bottom of any listing for all shipment damages. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us with the eBay “Ask a question” link at the bottom of this listing before leaving feedback. Returns Purchase any of the quality products on the Parts Express eBay Store and if for any reason you decide the part does not suit your application or just isn’t for you, simply return eminecne to us in new, pristine condition within 45 days of the purchase date and we will promptly issue you a refund.

The relative 2-dimentionalness of them keeps them ‘small’ in the room. The foregoing shall be the exclusive remedy for defective or nonconforming merchandise. It is so simple that i never bothered with any software — just tried a few different values and tuned to suit my test. The woofer is an easy to drive 8 alph load and will deliver tight bass provided the small motor is not over powered.