Gomenasai sheet music for t.A.T.u. on piano, flute with notes and chords by Erena. Gomenasai Intro sheet music for tatu on piano, flute with notes and chords by LakyBizarre. Posts about t a t u gomenasai written by Kisa. free sheet music ~drown yourself in music~. Home · About · FAQ T.A.T.U – Gomenasai · T.A.T.U – 30 Minutes.

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gomenadai This article is about the single by t. ForgottenAngel89 7 October at Maybe it sounds better on the piano. Due to the further conflict, the group decided to leave the record label.

Guitar throws me off. Tue Oct 30, 8: German Singles Chart [10]. Retrieved January 10, Retrieved 24 March Gomen nasailit.

Gomenasai (t.A.T.u song)

Thu Apr 19, 9: I play violin, so that song sounds kind of crappy on it, mostly because it’s kinda repetitive and there isn’t too much variation between the notes Man I would love to have the sheet music to some of the songs. The sheet music for Gomenasai came free with some versions of Musiv and Moving Album, that’s all I know of though.


Sun Apr 15, Yulia then changes her clothes and equips herself with weapons, then goes to start her car. Tue Oct 30, 9: Anonymous 3 August at Log in to check your private messages:: The video is available through iTunes in some European countries and the United States.

Sun Apr 22, Europe Top [9].

Video Games, Chinese, Japanese, Anime, Korean, AmericanMostly pop songs.(piano sheets)

One of the robots shoots her car with a heat seeking missilecausing Yulia to lose control of her car and causing it to flip over, Yulia manages to escape and kill the robots by making her car explode by pushing a button on her waist. I – Sorry T.

It was filmed in the Botanical Gardens in L.

Tue Oct 30, 5: Abdullah 4 November at Anonymous 23 March at U – Clowns T. Anonymous 22 November at The song was released in May as the album’s third single by Interscope. U – All About Us T.


Mon Nov 05, 8: But shset all different when it comes to learning. Retrieved from ” https: Anonymous 17 November at Janae keil 3 April at Tue Oct 30, 1: For the film, see Gomen nasai.