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During which he is said to have collected a few hairs of Muhammad as a holy relic, walsed that they would help him win his battles.

14.Story of Hazrat Khalid ibn al-Walid (Khalid bin Walid). Urdu & Hindi

Later that year, he participated in the Battle of Hunayn and the Siege of Ta’if. May Allah have mercy on you, Abu Sulaiman Khalid. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Fishbein, Albanypp.

In the third century A. Having mustered sizable armies at Antioch, Heraclius sent them to reinforce strategically important areas of Northern Syria, most importantly the strong fortress of Chalcis.

Khalid’s tombstone depicts a list of over 50 victorious battles that he commanded without defeat not including small battles. Translated by Bewley, A. There was a Byzantine and Christian Arab garrison guarding that fair, however the size of the garrison was miscalculated by the Muslim informants.

However, when he went to Abu Ubaida, he told him that he had been dismissed on the order of Umar and is required to go back to Medina. Islamic conquest of Persia. In September C.

Khalid ibn Walid was a Sahabi a companion of Muhammada fact which makes him a very respectable figure among Sunni Muslims. He was later transferred to the western front to capture Roman Syria and the Byzantine Arab client state gazrat the Ghassanids. While the Muslims were occupied at Fahl, Heraclius, sensing the opportunity, quickly sent an army under General Theodras to recapture Damascus.


Before assaulting the Persian capital, Khalid decided to eliminate all Persian forces from the south and west, and thus marched against the border city of Firaz, where he defeated a combined force of Sassanid Persians, Byzantine Nazrat and Christian Arabs and captured the city’s fortress during the Battle of Firaz in December He won quick victories in four consecutive battles: Khalid ibn al-Walid decisively defeats a larger Byzantine army under Heraclius in his final battle against the Byzantine Empire, conquering northern Syria and southern Turkey.

Khalid is said to have solved the water shortage issue using a Bedouin method. This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat Khalid ibn al-Walid MosqueHomsSyria. Walid reportedly had many wives and many children bim them.

The Commanders of Muslim Army. The ambassador gave Khalid the letter from the Emperor which read as follows: It has been recorded that Muhammad told Khalid’s brother, Walid bin Walid, that: Archived from the original on 11 June The Byzantine and Christian Arab garrison which outnumbered Shurhabil’s forces, made a hazrar and kyalid likely to annihilate them when Khalid’s cavalry arrived from the desert and attacked the rear of the Byzantine forces, relieving Shurhabil.

Khalid ibn al-Walid – Wikipedia

Not much is known about Khalid during the early days of the preaching of Muhammad. Thou art an infidel’s enemy’s now.

Abdulreman ibn Khalid was later to be appointed the successor of Caliph Muawiyah but according to some narrations, he was poisoned by Muawiyah, [] because Muawiyah wanted to make his son Yazid I to be his successor.


Instead, Bilal ibn Ribah was appointed for this task and called back Khalid from Chalcis to Emessa, where he was charged publicly. Tulaiha’s power was crushed after his remaining followers were defeated at the Battle of Ghamra. During nightfall, Khalid sent some columns behind the main army, and the next morning prior to the battle they were instructed to join the Muslim army in small bands, one after the other, giving an impression of a fresh reinforcement, thus lowering the opponent’s morale.

What you have now is far better than what you had in life, for you are now with Allah.

Hazrat khalid bin waleed ra | Aqwal E Zareen | Pinterest | Urdu quotes, Hazrat ali and Islam

Khalid ibn al-Walid Khalid son of al-Walid was from the Meccan tribe of Qurayshfrom a clan that initially opposed Muhammad. May the eyes of the cowards never rest. At Damascus, Thomas, son-in-law of Byzantine Emperor Heracliuswas in charge of the city’s defense. The Women of Madina pp. University of Pennsylvania Press. Abu Ubaidah sent Khalid northwards, while he marched south and captured Lazkia, Jabla, Tartus and the coastal areas west of Anti-Lebanon mountains.

You were honored in life and content in death. The latter laid siege to Bosra with his army of 4, men. On 15 August, the Battle of Yarmouk udru fought, it lasted for 6 days and ended in a devastating defeat for the Byzantines.