IMM E (). Applying for Forms: Application for a Temporary Resident Visa. (IMM ). Statutory Declaration of Document Checklist (IMM ). Applying for Temporary Resident Visa (IMM ).pdf – Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Canada Visitor Visa Form. Applying for Temporary Resident Visa (IMM ). Citizenship and Immigration Canada Home > Application forms and guides. Applying for Temporary Resident .

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Find out more about inadmissibility. Follow the online instructions. Academic degree awarded by a college or university to those who finished an undergraduate curriculum; also called a baccalaureate. Provide two photos meeting the requirement of the Visa application photograph specifications. You only need to give your biometrics once foorm 10 years. You must send the following for any document that is not in English or French, unless otherwise stated on your document checklist:.

It is a serious offence to give false or misleading information on these forms. City or Town From the list, choose the country or territory of your current mailing address. To use the form, you need to:.

Until this becomes available, you may request a supporting document, free of charge that will state that your sex is unspecified. Use this guide to apply for: On the back of two photos, write your name and date of birth. Some visa offices may require additional immm documents specific to your country. If you rorm again, you will have to pay another processing fee and if applicable, another biometric fee.

Visitors are persons who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, and are legally authorized to enter Canada to:.

Applying for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa – IMM ) –

You from answer all the questions on this form unless instructed otherwise. A valid Temporary Resident Visa is not a guarantee of entry into Canada. Examples of post-secondary education: On November 4,we announced a temporary pause on all new sponsorship applications for the parents and grandparents category. The stamp placed in your passport by a Canadian official is generally valid for a period of six 6 months unless another duration is specified by the official.


The forms are designed with questions that will help the processing of your application. On your application ikm, identify the sex you would like displayed M or F until the X can be issued.

By signing, you frm that you fully understand the questions asked, and foorm the information you have provided is complete, accurate, and factual. You may be required to appear in person to have your biometric fingerprints and photo biometric information taken at a biometric collection service point. This can be shown with evidence that the couple share the same home, support each other financially and emotionally, have children together, or present themselves in public as a couple.

Application for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa – TRV)

If you pass the identity check and meet the entry requirementsthe border services officer stamps your passport and lets you know how long you can stay in Canada. Applicants omm do not require a visa must also submit an application to the visa office. You may be required to complete additional supporting documents upon request of a visa officer. Find out which entry document you need.

Check the box to tell us if you have ever been married or in a common-law relationship. Note, if your city, town, or country or territory of birth is indicated in your passport or your travel document, please record it as it appears in the document.

Applying for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa – IMM 5256)

for, The officer will consider all the information and documentation you have provided, and will assess it and will decide if an interview is necessary. Spouse Refers to either of the two persons opposite or same sex in a marriage legally recognized in the country in which it took place, as well as in Canada. If you are a citizen of a country where you do not require a visa to visit Canada, you do not have to pay any processing fees. Consult your local provincial or territorial authorities.


Write the personal details about: PhD Highest university degree usually based on at least three years of graduate studies and a thesis.

Type the following information about the person s or institution sincluding schools you intend to visit during your stay in Canada:. This form must be completed by each person, 18 years of age or older, applying for a Temporary Resident Visa, corm study or work permit outside Canada. If ijm are in a common-law union, you must also fill out the Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union IMM form and include it with your 5265.

The affidavit must be sworn in the presence of: Who needs to complete this form? Question 2 From the list, select the language English or French in which you would like to receive your service.

Question 2 Enter your valid alien registration card green card document number exactly as shown on the document. Only your spouse or common-law partner is eligible to accompany you under this provision. What if I was previously granted permanent resident status?

If you do not work, describe what you are currently doing retired, not working, going to school, etc. Be complete and accurate. English French Both Neither Check Yes or No to tell us if you have taken a test from a designated testing agency to test your abilities in English or French.

If you have dependent children aged 18 years or older, they must fill out their own copy of this form if a representative is also conducting business on their behalf. Important information that you need to know to avoid delays or other problems. Academic degree awarded by a graduate school of a college or university.