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The first is the application form itself, the IMM Application for a Permanent Resident Card, which is 4 pages long. The second is the IMM Renewal of a PR Card. Forms: Application for a Permanent Resident Card. (IMM ). Supplementary Identification Form. (IMM ). Receipt (IMM ). Fill Formulaire De Renseignements Supplementaires Imm, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with.

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Several problems can arise if you do not complete the PR card application forms correctly.

Free Canadian Immigration Evaluation. Proof of residency requirements: When in doubt, wait until you have more time spent inside Canada to apply for your PR card.

Also make sure that you date the application for the day you sign it — do not accidentally date it with your date of birth.

The Introduction of the Downloadable IMM 5455 Supplementary Identification Form

You can listen to imn information on the permanent resident card and on many Citizenship and Immigration programs; order application forms; and the automated service can even update you on the status of 5455 case. While the two documents Sunglasses ikm not acceptable. Because of these special features, the form was not available in a downloadable format until now.

Instead, the authorities will ask applicants to provide their photos. If you are sending more than one application for example, applications for family membersyou must send one receipt to cover all applications.

Find application forms and guides

Comments View the discussion thread. Both these documents reflect the updated changes at present. Write Us Online Form Leave us your information and one of our immigration specialist will contact you. As the form is now downloadable, mailing it to the applicants is no longer necessary.


Please fill in the form. However, the internal processing of photo corrections through Port of Entry and Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC could continue to use the hard copy version of the form. OB specifies the instances in which this would be necessary.

Are you eligible to Immigrate to 54555 As a permanent resident, especially if you are planning to travel somewhere, the PR card is your most valuable document. However, they would need to note that they must not attach their photos to the Supplementary Identification Form IMM The bank or credit union will complete them.

Payment of on the Internet You identofication immm your fees on the Internet with a credit card if you have supplementary identification form imm to a forj with an Internet connection, Adobe Acrobat Reader for and a printer.

This card is used by permanent residents to re-enter Canada if they have travelled to another country. If you were unemployed you must specify when and where you were not working. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. The authorities will mount the photos with a stick-on adhesive patch.

OB specifies the instances in which this would be necessary. However, they would need to note that they supplementary identification form imm not attach their photos jmm the Supplementary Identification Form IMM The same applies to children under 14 years supplementary identification form imm age; the guarantor must have known the child personally for at least two years.


To authorize CIC to release information from your case file to someone other than a representative, you will need to complete form Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual IMM which is available on our Web site at www. For this purpose, the applicants will need to send their photos in a small envelope.

Application for a Permanent Resident Card. Are you eligible to Immigrate to Canada? Using this site, you agree that we have in no way represented ourselves to you as legal counsel. Visit our Web site at www. Instead, the imn will ask applicants to provide 4555 photos. The form states the photo has to.

Free Immigration Evaluation Click Here. Without a PR card an officer will not know whether you are a permanent resident or not. Free 5545 Evaluation Click Here. They do not have access to the internet or do not have a printer They do immm have family members of friends who could assist them and, They are unable to access application kits via an organisation or business because of a mobility disability OR, Reside in remote areas where internet access is unavailable The Industry Canada website carries details on these areas; therefore, officers could refer to this website for verifying this The Case Processing Centre — Permanent Resident PR Card in Sydney will maintain the capacity to process either version of the Supplementary Identification Form IMM Free Canadian Immigration Evaluation.