Noté /5. Retrouvez Inferno et des millions de livres en stock sur Achetez neuf Mandelbaum’s Dante will stand high among modern translations. In this superb translation with an introduction and commentary by Allen Mandelbaum, all of Dante’s vivid images–the earthly, sublime, intellectual, demonic. Inferno: The World of Dante What are considered the best translations of Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’? I suppose you could find the entire translation there.

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All times are GMT For that, you need swift and vigorous but also musical verse. What were some of the challenges you faced as a translator, and what are you trying to achieve mmandelbaum this translation? Rtanslation Dante difficult to render well in English? Eventually, of course, you will give up or grind to a halt. I really like Mandelbaum’s translation of the Odyssey and would highly recommend that if you ever want to read this epic.

Classics Dante Alighieri reviews. The English Romantics and their Victorian followers rediscovered his greatness—or at least they found the story of Dante and Beatrice to harmonize with their own beautiful, dreamy, half-sickly love of the chivalric past.

Now you too can think about Dante with this award-winning new translation of the Inferno. By Lover in forum General Literature. Stay in Touch Sign up. Results 1 to 15 of He writes epics in Georgian, and I want to translate them into English so that other people can read them.

Aug 03, Pages. I slightly prefer Musa over Hollander, plus his version is significantly cheaper. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. My prof in grad school recommended Mandelbaum’s translation too.


We are experiencing technical difficulties. Samuel Beckett, whom we would do well to emulate, was once asked what ambitions he had. And this is what Carson brings out, even if he sometimes resorts to slang “why do you eyeball me? What was I trying to achieve? For this translation rollicks along so fluidly that you will actually be able not only to read the poem but enjoy it.

Inferno by Dante | : Books

What do you want readers to take away from this new translation? Read it Forward Read it first. Actually I quite thought the Inferon translation wasn’t half bad. Not by wrath, but by laughter, do we slay. Iambic pentameter is the natural meter of English narrative ttranslation, imitating most faithfully the rhythms of our speech, and it is capable of extraordinary variation consider the uses to which Shakespeare put it in his plays.

I like the paperbacks of the individual works, as they’re more manageable flipping back and forth to the notes section, which is at the back of the book.

At any rate, I am enjoying it immensely. Jan 01, Pages Buy. Last edited by Venerable Bede; at The Dante industry is unstoppable, and people can’t get enough of Hell. So it’s amazing that Carson, who in “was almost completely unfamiliar with Dante’s work”, has produced this version – in terza rima. Nothing else will do.

Robert Hollander mandeblaum a Dante scholar having written and taught on the poet almost exclusively for some years. I’ve read Mandelbaum’s mandelbauk What are the thoughts on his translation?


At last, a readable rendering of Dante

We are fortunate to have it. Some reference works classify Dante trnaslation a medieval writer – but he’s not, because the people he describes have this quality of three-dimensional character.

Ciardi’s notes are certainly more than adequate Looking for More Great Reads? You will come away with the idea that Capaneus, so proud that he refuses to allow God the satisfaction of knowing that hellfire burns him, had an ugly face. But I think that modern readers are attracted to Dante because they find in him what the modern world cannot offer: I bought the hardcover that contains all three books.

I can’t give a lot of credence to recommendations by college professors with regard to preferred translations as they often are influenced by other circumstances such as which publisher has cut the best deal with the university.

Having said that much, Ciardi was the translation of choice during my course on Western Literature. What are you working on now? Originally Posted by stlukesguild. The poem itself is translated very well and is a pleasure to read. For the translation, I consulted many Italian editions of Dante, especially those whose notes brought out most clearly the meanings of his coinages or of strange dialectal words. I haven’t infetno Musa’s translation.

What kind of research did you do for this translationand how did you go about doing it?