We’ve been referred to as “The Advocate” (16 Personalities) or “The Counselor” ( Truity), and are among the rarest of Myers-Briggs personality. It’s time to take a break from the usual post and do something different. I’ve had quite a few requests to do a post on love and dating for the INFJ. Jan 8, Explore Purdue CCO’s board “Personality Types” on Pinterest. INFJ ; They all all have very hard time understanding me being the Extrovert.

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So, order of preference excluding INFJs: Even if it’s just for computer games. Fill in your details below or click an icon to pureue in: They aren’t academic files, as I just jumped the gun and assumed they would be since it’s a University page. You can test it out at kisa. Not because they are tough to get along with. Current bf is ISTP and he has just the right balance.

INFJ Links

They have to feel a bond that takes time to cultivate. I don’t see it working wonderfully. I look forward to your requests!

I am married to an ENTP whom I love deeply, whom I like, whom I’m addicted to, whom I crave physically, who’s capable of seeing me, who makes me think, who helps me to grow as a person, who helps me push my own limits, who cares for me, provides for me and is commited to me.

Socionics is quite similar to MBTI but has some slightly difference nuances.

Want to add to the discussion? As far as actual dates are concerned, INFJs enjoy physical activities and social gatherings to a degree, but when it comes to romance, they much prefer sitting one-on-one with their interest in a quiet place where the two of them can share their thoughts and ideas.


You are commenting using your Facebook injf. Only the following for me was an absolute strike out: If purduee man takes longer in the bathroom than me and it takes me minutes to get ready for a night out they’re gone.

ENFP- They complement each other, so this is a pretty good one. Add Thread to del.


They enjoy seeing movies, going to art museums, poetry, plays, novels, and the like, but unlike some who merely wish to be entertained, the INFJ wants to discuss and explore what it meant to them personally.

Their significant other will find unconditional love, a gifted listener, and a support system that few other types can give. There goes my Ni coming to conclusions that are hard to quantify and verbalize explicitly. However, they must be understanding enough not to upset me. A deep personal connection builds if you do the same. December 2, at You may catch me phrdue a daydream or constantly seeking happiness and broader meaning.

Not so sure about this one. So I guess perhaps it’s no infm or illogical rules that have nothing to do with morality. Note that each 4 letter type has corresponding functions that give a deeper and richer understanding of each type. Especially in the INFJ section: SOMBerdudgetChiiyuu and 11 others thanked this post. He can’t speak to anyone. If they’re both healthy individuals, this is one of the relationships where both are going to mature a lot.

[INFJ] INFJ and the “ideal” mate – ENTP/ENFP or ENTP/ESTP?

Email required Address never inf public. Many people like to learn about their type online for free where there is quite a lot of unreliable information floating around, therefore, one must be careful about dealing with misconceptions. One minute they may be warm and inviting, while the next standoffish, which can be quite confusing to their mates.


The Adventure of the Mistyped Consulting Detective.

Enneagram’s subreddit is here: Individually, however, there is no way pudrue predict the ideal partner for a whole group of individuals with shared cognitive functions. If you enjoyed reading, please leave a comment, like, and subscribe. They wish for sex to be ;urdue communion of the souls, a life-long bond between them and their mate. What do you guys think? You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Purdue takes it a step further by saying that if a person understands psychic phenomena, he is likely to be an INFJ. If they can’t make me laugh I’m going to get bored quickly. I am me and Prdue not changing, not unless what I’m doing goes against my personal moral values this is the kind of thing that makes me wonder if I’m actually INFP Serane thanked this post. July 27, at 6: ESTP- Dating the complete opposite may be exciting, but it’ll probably create some problems.

What are your hopes and dreams? It all depends on the INFJ.

I have two sources with different opinions on the ideal match for INFJ. In regards to sex, the INFJ often feels divided. ISTP- It can work, since they have the same functions. If someone pushes me to be better, I appreciate it. Ourdue There are many similarities, yet many differences here, so it may work and it may not. I am both shy and outgoing at the same time.