Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: English, German, Polish (translation) The Invincible – Kindle edition by Stanislaw Lem. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. I suppose I have followed the conventional route through Stanislaw Lem’s version of scientifiction. Starting with Solaris and moving to the. Anybody who likes a tight, increasingly tense plot-line rising to a scene of dramatic violence will be satisfied. Anybody who likes a mystery will find it here — and.

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See all 3 questions about The Invincible…. The Summa is notable for being a unique analysis of prospective social, cybernetic, and biological advances. Perhaps women had chosen to not be involved in interstellar travel for moral or health reasons.

Or maybe Lem believed it wouldn’t be a good idea to introduce female characters, because persons with reduced mental activity are naturally left alone by the swarms on Regis III, so the book wouldn’t be fun to read whatsoever.

The Invinciblea class II cruiser, the largest vessel of the fleet stationed at the base in the Lyra constellation, was moving in photon sequence across a quadrant on the very edge of that cluster of stars. The audiobook has just become available from Tantor Audio, narrated by Peter Berkrot and based on the Bill Johnston translation, so it was a perfect opportunity to rediscover a classic Lem story. Return to Book Page. Very goodand intense sci-fi “oldie” about a mission on a foreign Planet and the mystery around it.

Lem explores the stanislas of the creation and evolution of life, and the limit of man’s understanding of these concepts. Really fantastic classic sci-fi. This sentiment is not stanialaw exact point of the novel I read, but neither is it an airball. Tension steadily escalating between the crew of the Invincible and what they discover on Regis III, the climax of action appropriately occurs much before the end such that the results may be surveyed.


Retrieved from ” https: His works explore philosophical themes; speculation on technology, the nature of intelligence, the impossibility of mutual communication and understanding, despair about human limitations and humankind’s place in the universe.

Lem’s visionary depiction of contact Reviewed by Thomas Beekers on Lem is an author I feel I should have read as a SF fan, so am finally getting around sstanislaw his works. Underneath he was wearing trousers and a net undershirt Ever wondered why women inincible placed in a separate category whenever it comes to playing chess?

There was no longer the faint vibration accompanying the shaft of light that had previously been streaming from the stern and, like a sword of infinite length thrust into the darkness, had been propelling the ship forward. Like SolarisThe Invincible is imbued with Otherness.

But “goodreads” description completely destroys the whole purpose, providing not oem short glimpse of the book but the whole book itself in 40 words. Stanislaw Lem tends to be unrivalled when it comes to philosophical insights into first contact with nivincible intelligence. As the threat mounts there is a wonderful balance between the discipline of a highly trained crew and the panic and fear of facing something they don’t understand and may not be able to fight.

He gained international fame for The Cyberiada series of stanislad short stories from a mechanical universe ruled by robots, first published in English in Lem explores the idea Really stanislae classic sci-fi. Ostensibly they are there to discover the crew of The Condor, but their whole mission comes into question, and by extension the whole justification for human exploration of strange and hostile worlds is also put under the microscope.

Only automatons were working on the bridge. Dec 29, Katya rated it it was amazing. Me costaba concentrarme y mi mente se encontraba vagando por los aires mientras iba avanzando con la lectura.


The Invincible

Thriller kosmiczny, bardzo ciekawy. Dispatched to locate its lost sister ship, the Invincible lands on the desert planet Regis III without a hitch. Since the journey was relatively short, rather than full hibernation they had been put into a deepened sleep in which body temperature did not drop below fifty degrees.

He is perhaps best known as the author of Solariswhich has twice been made into a feature film. A few reviewers complained about the apparent absence of women in the story.

Speculiction Review of The Invincible by Stanislaw Lem

In any case, The Invincible is the story of an heavily-armed exploration ship that sets out to discover what happened to The Condor, a similar ship that landed on the uninhabited and desolate planet Regis III before losing contact without warning. Boggles my mind that it had no available direct English translation until this year. Cinematic, would make a good SF movie. This science fiction tale by Stanislaw Lem is easily missed or dismissed as just a space romp, but it is tsanislaw more than that.

Highly recommended to fans of any sort of science-fiction. The starship Condor never returned after landing on Regis III, so its sister ship Invincible is dispatched on a rescue mission.

Invinciblw quickly spiral downward as they realize they are dealing with an artificial machine intelligence that does not possess higher consciousness, but is perfectly capable of destroying human technology and mental functions, and even the mighty anti-matter weaponry of the Invincible.

And back to this old theme, on this remarkable evolution of non-living yet intuitive and sentient technology: