About Jaap Sahib: Jaap is the bani (set of hymns) uttered by Guru Gobind Singh ji, the Tenth Sikh Guru. It is the first bani recorded on Shri. JapJi Sahib Path(With Meaning In Punjabi) Meaning In Punjabi). [Show slideshow] · Microsoft Word – Japji sahib viakhia3 – Copy. ▻. Punjab Today, 21 Dukhnivaran Sahib Market. Patiala , Punjab A spiritual treatise on the Naam-Jaap (Technique of reciting the Name of God). .. Punjabi in Gurmukhi & English Transliteration. GENERAL. NIT-NEM.

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The scriptures cannot fathom His form, color and design. God is beyond name and desire. God is Incorporeal, He is sahin colour, caste, creed and name. God is the Creator of the universe from all sides. God is Impregnable and Unfathomable. Salutation to the Killer of all.

Sher Jaal in the Punjabbi of Sikhism writes: God is the Creator of the universe. Gill and by late Sh.

Full text of “Jaap Sahib Phonetic Transcription And Translation”

Salutation to the greatest Donor and Respected among the respectables. Salutation to God who is beyond any specified home. God is Immortal, Compassionate, Unattired and beyond portraiture.


Salutation to the greatest Magical formula Salutation to the most Beloved. Salutation to God who does not require any protection. Under various series of publications, this Department has published nearly books which is a major contribution. God is transcendent Lord over land and ocean.

Salutation to God who is beyond beginning. God annihilates all evils and iin, His laws are saporific. The present book is unique and original in the sense that it has used the latest IPA International Phonetic Alphabet symbols with slight modifications for the transcription of this highly condensed and rhythmic poetic work.

Sanskrit, Braj or Persian. God is Impenetrable, Impalpable, Impregnable, and Undismayed. The One beyond name.

God is all illuminated Light. God is the Donor of everything to all. God is worshipped by all the gods. Fought the battle of Jqap Sahib on December 22, God is adored in the universe from all sides. God approaches everywhere to everyone. Thou art the destroyer of the three worlds, the Lord of the three times, the indivisible, the One beyond desire. God is Unmitigated and Unrivalled. This problem has been more confounded especially in the case of the Sikh scriptures wiht these are written in Gurmukhi script and have been strongly influenced by Braj, Sanskrit and Persian languages.

God is Incorporeal, He is beyond colour, caste, creed and name.


God, Himself speals in all at all places. IjJ neither father nor mother. Harpreet singh toor says: Salutation to God who is the Highest Cluster of living beings. Salutation to the Killer of death.

You are commenting using your WordPress. God is Transcendent Lord forever. Salutation to the Sustainer of all. He Is beyond challenge and punishment. Regular poetical sessions with 52 poets in his court, who composed such poems.

Jaap Sahib

There is an all inclusiveness and universalism that keeps coming to the surface. God has neither caste, creed or any dynasty. The IPA system has been devised to solve the problems of pronunciation particularly in the case of a second and foreign language. God gives beautification all over the trimorphic world. God works everywhere at all times. Salutation to the Source of all the three Supreme virtues. The whole creation is thy play, Thou art ultimately one.

God is also existing amond the inconsiderables.

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