So begins one of the most famous works of history ever published, Johan Huizinga’s The Autumn of the Middle Ages. Few who have read this book in English. Johan Huizinga’s Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen (The Waning of the Middle Ages, or in the more accurate new translation, The Autumn of the Middle Ages) has. The more complete text is called ‘The Autumn of the Middle Ages.’ ‘Waning’ .. Johan Huizinga não foi só um grande historiador, mas um escritor talentoso.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. For example, when reading the following quote Lf could not help but think about the reactionary forces inherent in the rise of Dominionism and the Tea Party: That said, this was a revolutionary piece of work, and is justly famous and deserves a reading.

It depoliticizes the picture, side- stepping all sectarian and nationalist accounts. Relying hea The abbreviated version, purportedly translated from the German edition and truncated because Huizinga believed that Americans wouldn’t understand the complete version, Be that as it may, I have read both this and the later complete translation from the Dutch and the important argument is here.

It was the feeling of party, not of statehood. It really is a question of how we take strong stories and whether or not we encourage them for their special insights. Raymond Klibansky and Ernest C.

The Autumn of the Middle Ages, Huizinga, Payton, Mammitzsch

Hurne and Voltaire and Machiavelli wrote good history, but it is their. References to this book Altruism James R. Just as at some level a study of your culture based on a handful of memoirs, works of art and news reports will not capture the full experience and perception that you participate in as part of your culture.


A classic look at the final flowering of medieval culture a world alien in so many ways, yet whose obsessions seem all-too-familiar. The Forms of Thought In Practice Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Freeman work dominant for a decade, dead for eternity, swept away by active historical ambition. If certain historians of art have discovered Renaissance elements in it, it is because they have confounded, very wrongly, realism and Renaissance. On the second try I correctly ordered the “The Waning of the Middle Ages” and instantly understand why it is a classic when I started reading it. This book took me way too long to read based on the length but that’s because it was so dense.

Soms vermoedde ik dat de letters in steen stond gebeiteld, zo moeilijk was het om er door heen te komen. I am not nearly enough of a historian to rate this book as guizinga correct or incorrect.

The Autumn of the Middle Ages

But he also showed that sympathy could thrive sutumn judgment-perhaps a tone echoing Tylor or Frazer more than Radcliffe-Brown or Evans-Pritchard. To understand how the culture was aging is to understand an entirety. The language requires savoring as well as the time to digest complex thoughts. Dat het me zes maanden kostte zegt denk ik al veel.

The Waning of the Middle Ages

Huizinga is not really interested in change, however, even if his work fits nice- ly into a larger story that encompasses the supposed shift towards the modern.

From that perspective, Huizinga inay well have been ahead of his time. But The Waning of the Middle Ages had been on my mind to read for some time view spoiler [ which is what I use in place of a reading wish list, the fallibility of human memory helps by winnowing down the near infinite possibilities of reading to something more humanly achievable hide spoiler ] so I surrendered to the serendipity.


In these centuries a good many dethroned kings made the rounds of the princely courts — usually short of money and rich in plans, bathed in the splendor of the mysterious East from which they came: One of autkmn achievenlents of deconstructivists.

The Waning of the Middle Ages

It will make it easier for us all to know what you mean, and why, in resisting your book, we emerge more fully ourselves. The professional his- torian especially, just that person who for good or ill has the reins of the chariot of historical interpretation, has been repelled by this.

Packed with care, shipped promptly. Second, before the keen, recent interest in everyday life and social history, the records of the later medieval period were quarried-as Huizinga criticizes xiv -mainly for political history, and a messy story that aitumn too. The contenlporary historian can thus judge according to a universalizing aesthetic cri- terion even as the historicized values and details of the past are re-affirmed in the authentic historical forms.

The more we know about the tricks that prose plays. Additionally, chapters are rearranged and redivided, all references are dropped, and mistranslations are introduced. I could not finish this book, I just could not.