Among them the most prominent is this book of Imam Bukhari, “Juz Rata Yadain”. It is my (i.e: Shaikh Zubair) fortunity that I found the best nuskha of Juz Rafa. Written By: Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Ismail Al-Bukhari R.A. Juzz Rafa Ul Yadain (جزرفع الیدین) Language Urdu. Written. Juz al Qiraat Wa Juz al Rafa ul Yadain Urdu pdf Free Book Download Juz al Qiraat Wa Juz al Rafa ul Yadain Authored By Imam Bukhari r.a.

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Raza Hassan 2 Some phrases have been corrected by looking at another Nuskha.

Here “Hanafiyyah means both Deobandi and Brailwi sects, when In reality none of them is a Hanafi in true sense. Meaning this is the action of our Salaf from back then And Awzaa’l was asked about Eeman Faithand I was listening, so he said: Grant pardon even to his hands, and raised his hands. Khalid informed urdy, “Verily Abu Qilabah used to do rata yadain eafa he used to go to ruku’ and rise up from ruku.

Therefore, The above Hadith in the light of Shawahid is Hasan. A Monkey did Taqleed of a Human.

Juzz Rafa Ul Yadain (جزرفع الیدین)

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It is proven in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim that Abu Qilaba Tabi’l Siqqah saw Maalik bin Huwairus after the death of the prophet peace be upon him doing raafa yadain before and after ruku’. Raza Hassan Hadith 38 II o ‘ ‘ o. Isma’eel narrated to us, Maalik bin Anas narrated to us, from Naafi’, Verily whenever Abdullah bin Umar used to start the prayer, he used to raise both his hands up to his shoulders, and when he used to rise up from ruku he used to do the same.


In Muwatta Imam Malik yaddain by Ibn al-Qaasim, and Muhammad al-Shaibanithis hadith is present with almost the same words and meaning. Raza Hassan Malikhe said: All the teachers that I have seen used to do rata yadain in prayer, Imam Bukhari said I said to him: Wa’il did not exclude any among the sahabah, that when they prayed with the Nabi sawthey did not do rafa yadain.

It is not proven from any of the sahih hadith, that Sufyaan and Wakee’ did not used to do rafa yadain. The Narration of Abu Dawud vol 1pg 1 10in which the words “lla Sudooruhum” to do rafa’ yadain up to the chest in the beginning of the prayer are present, is Da’eef due to the Tadlees of Shareek al-Kufi.

Kitab o Sunnat ki roshni mein Namaaz ka yeh mukhtasar sa bayaan hai. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hence, if two people narrate from a Muhaddith. From this we came to know that, from the period of the prophet peace be upon him to the period of Imam Awzaa’l, the practice of rafa yadain had been acted upon.

Its Isnad is Da’eef. These are the people of Makkah, Madinah, Yemen, and Iraaq; they all agree upon doing rata yadain. One year when the rain stopped, a man from the Muslims came to the prophet peace be upon him during the day of Jumuah Friday and said: Whoever strives to attain a Hadith, Uru as it reaches himis a Sunni, and whoever strives to get a Hadith for the corroboration of his Desires, He is a Bid’ati innovator.


Be calm in prayer” i. Saying that He was Majhul is wrong. Therefore, the authentication of some Mutassib people of this Hadith is not correct. Raza Hassan can Ibn Umar abandon this practice which He used to teach to other people, and which He saw Prophet peace be upon him doing it! This Matn was not found with the full sanad from Wakee’.

Rafayadain ( Roman urdu Version ) | The way of

The Bid’at innovation has been mixed in the meat, bones, and the brain of that Bid’ati The rejector of rafa yadaonand the reason of his rejection is that, he after seeing the crowd of non-arabs 2 urcu him, bhkhari attributed himself with them, in deception.

In the Nuskha of Ismaeel bin abi Awais this hadith was written exactly the same, which Imam Bukhari narrated as Tahdeeth after hearing it. Hadith 87 Mubashar bin Isma’eel said: Umar became infidel, Umar became Infidel, then ‘Aasi bin Wa’il came and said: I was told by Allah: Allah ham sab ko hidayat de. Whenever the messenger of Allah peace be upon him used to pray, He used to raise both his hands up to his ears or shoulders during the first takbeer, before ruku’ and after ruku, as is proven from the Mutawaatir ahadith.