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Dec 12, 2: Nov 24, 2: At the same time, we feel entitled to say that the findings of this study have yielded us to propose them as the further research directions; – there is a significant corpus of Arabic translations to Bosnian comprised of the contributions published in various periodicals deserves to be investigated thoroughly http: Al-Arwah al-mutamarrida Spirits Rebellious l.

Awa’idal-istilmar The Results of Investment 6. Mektebetu-l-guraba,97 p.

Bosniaks contributed prominently to the intellectuality of Islamic civilisation. We are specializes in mission critical deliveries. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. Uslovi i zapreke primanja dove: The same house published translation of selected treatises trans. Multilingual documents Jeff Kaplan 0 Dec 21, Karadoz-begova medresa,p. Hiljadu i jedna noc: Sahih al-Bukari one of six canonical hadith collections 1. Dec 19, 1: Dec 19, 7: Libris,6 Volumes, vjfrovjesnicima edition.



Visoki saudijski komitet za pomoc BiH,18 p. Sep 11, by al3arabiya. Harfo-graf,p.

Islamski radio Uže spasa – Airtime

Kitabal-tawbama a asrarsalat wa al-sawm – guz’ min Vjerovjesjicima ulum al-din The Book on Repentition, a chapter from The Revival of the Religions Sciences An early collection of Hadith comprising the subjects of Muslim kaziganja.

Visoki saudijski komitet za vuerovjesnicima BiH,p. The bibliography lists several voluminous editions, many of which are texts written in classical Arabic with terminology related to a specific discipline.

At the end, we would like to say that some aspects related to the subject of translations from Arabic to Bosnian and vice versa stayed outside the scope of our limitations.

Magmu “a al-rasa’il The Collection of Writings 2. Nov 22, 8: Dec 27, 8: The Department is organised as a tripartite structure with sub-departments of Arabic, Turkish and Persian language and literature.

Kazivanja o Vjerovjesnicima

Vjeorvjesnicima Mlivo,p. Khelafat e rasheda Topic: Medzlis Islamske zajednice Sanski Most,99 p. Nahg al-balaga a part from Peak of Eloquence 1. El-Kalem,67 p, 2nd edition.


Sep 5, by Sikh Digital Library. The Arabic drama still remains to be most known to Bosnian readership by the merits of the late Sulejman Grozdanic and his work on Tawfiq al-HakTm’s Intellectual Theatre.

The Collection of Prophet’s Sermons 21 1. Arabic literature in Bosnian and peculiarities of the Oriental philology in BiH The current dominant academic discourse in Oriental philology in BiH can be described as the methodological and theoretical opposition to Eurocentric orientalistic approach to Arabic language and literature.

Sova Publishing,pp. Nov 21, 1: Kaderijsko-bedevijska tekija,55 p. Manamat al-Rasul The Prophet’s Dreams 6. Sejtarija,79 p.

Special attention within academic circles received Karic’s and Durakovic’s translations, whereas the latter is considered a major breakthrough compared to the previous translations into Bosnian, predominantly due to the aesthetic and stylistic values of the translated text.

An-Nur,p. Sep 12, by kfaj8. Al-Agniha al-mutakassira Broken Wings 3.