Robins’s debut fantasy chronicles the fascinating transformation of year-old Miranda from girlish street urchin to an attractive, audacious. Maledicte (Antyre, book 1) by Lane Robins – book cover, description, publication history. There’s not much I can say about Lane Robins, author of “Maledicte”. As far as I can tell, she doesn’t have a website or blog yet, and about all.

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There was a gender-bender theme along with a love triangle.

I loved this book, and will definitely be reading more by this author. I love these kinds of stories and this one was especially heart-rending yet hopeful.

But now to the kingdom comes a handsome, enigmatic nobleman, Maledicte, whose perfect manners, enchanting charisma, and brilliant swordplay entice the most jaded tastes.

I was very pleasantly surprised with this find, and have already searched out its sequel which I am awaiting with impatience. View all 6 comments. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jacobean-style fantasy—bloody, dense, bulging, improbable—set in a world poised on the brink of industrial revolution.


I thought the book was completely amazing. For Maledicte is actually a woman named Miranda – a beautiful thief raised in the city’s vicious slums. Aug 27, April Steenburgh rated it really liked it Shelves: Maledicte is actually Miranda posing as a boy, and is referred to throughout the text as such. Go to our library’s website www.

Not the writing that hooked me. Truthfully, it’s difficult to discern who all of the major players are at first, since the viewpoints jump around so haphazardly in the beginning, kane this could be a problem for readers starting the book, though thankfully it gets better as the novel progresses.


This was a fabulously dark story. Let me tell you how I over came the crappy blurb and my mmaledicte reservations and found my new favorite book. Robuns now to the kingdom comes a handsome, enigmatic nobleman, Maledicte, whose perfect manners, enchanting charisma, and brilliant swordplay entice the most jaded tastes.

Trivia About Maledicte Antyre Preview — Maledicte by Lane Robins.

Dec 04, Tama Wise rated it really liked it Recommends it malledicte It is such a beautiful novel. It is simply that Maledicte is not a woman. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Lists with This Book.

Dec 25, Kitty rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was great that she so took Maledicte’s character in herself that she was referred to using male pronouns through almost the entire novel. She appeals to the supposedly dead god of love and vengeance, Black-Winged Ani—and the god fills her with rage and power. It’s great if you can tolerate a protagonist lqne possessed by a god of vengeance, which lets him kill without remorse while harboring a disturbingly fevered obsession for his true love.

When Janus is abducted and Miranda is unable to stop it, she flees to a temple dedica Whew, that was so much fun!

Maledicte (Antyre, #1) by Lane Robins

I’ve already ordered the next book in the series and am a little disappointed that it’s about Janus and not Maledicte. He’s slightly built, true, and very pretty, but in a French-style Court he fits in perfectly and soon malediccte are aping his style. That Maledicte is unstable adds to the spookiness of the character – he flies into fits of jealousy, or anger, or possession, when Black-Winged Ani momentarily takes over.


The characters in general however don’t seem to be made to connect with or emphathize with. Robins will be on the First Author Panel at 11 a.

Please spread the word: Sep 04, Magen Reed rated it liked it. This novel is like the answer to so many years of prayer that I didn’t think I’d ever find it. It turns out that Janus is Last’s bastard son, and Last has lost all other heirs to his legacy. Kushiel’s Dart Kushiel’s Legacy: After tobins brutal clash, Kritos seizes Malfdicte leaving Miranda battered and seething.

The writing is good but unexceptional, and the world building seems to be based on something like 18th century France with few embellishments. His manners were not at all perfect which was the only reason I could find for the courtiers to consider him enigmaticand his swordplay was not brilliant. Starvation being the most likely and the least horrendous, there’s stabbings, rapes, enforced slavery, child prostitution — really, there’s a whole list maledixte probably escape me that could happen to two parentless kids in the slums, especially in a developing world with very distinct social barriers.

And then there’s Gilly. But I couldn’t — lanr he was utterly unlikable all the way to the end.